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Scraps. Not really intended for sharing. Just putting little bits here and there as they happen in my mind

Sun, like a barge, pushes thru the night sky.
Tis hours till he splits the rim
until then
a great grey wake pushes out
rippling the the star song
pushing in and through the house
fill my phone with electricity
an alarm, itself like the rising of the sun
sends out beaming sounds
The birds are waking with me.

Was in Mine to pitch headlong into Jupiter
(We are strung like jewels)
(our) faces falling forward into the ruby red, mathaliate and rose
red smear of breaklights...
The speedometer says seventy, but given the axis
I say 10,000

Was i t mine to picth headlong into jupiter
I am riding eastward on intersate

Was in mine to chase the lines of leaves
or frame
this monolith of marble set against
the marbled skies

Erased  12/13/14

There is a man
Who was sitting right here
Same place same fingers
Staring at gyrating pixels
Selling out to his own depravity
Watching with, both delight and horror
Knowing full well the smell of idolatry
But he has been erased
He is a divided man, but that division is not
In the essence of his being
Cause he has been bought
We will remake him.

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