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Ode to the Eye


Patterned on the backmost curvature of eye, The great Retina-Dome, Rod and Cone—Inner-Cup Coliseum captures the illumined world and decodes with the aid of some many million R & C sense-cell minicams.

Do you remember rod and cone cells?

Bio 101 Refresher:

Consider your eye in form

A lollipop, with
lash attached and leering from the bone
like the part of a clam which shows,
between the parted shells:

Stereo tadpoles

bulbous in the skull;
tails streaming backward
at your brain …

Consider your eye, this time within:

of the Houston Astrodome.
(This works best while lying on your back)

The spanning bubble roof with the skylight hole

corresponds to your iris,
The coliseum wrap with arena base –
your retina.

Billy Graham is preaching.

Every inch of stadium is full.

The CONE-heads in the center all wear

colored shades and sip a chosen hue:
lemonade, cyan, or red.
The RODgers on the rim
are colorblind and love dim rooms.

Now do you remember Rod and Cone cells?

The greater part of poetry would celebrate

the lesser part of any eye:
A marble-colored muscle, shinning life
and riveting our gaze.
But …
REAL seeing is a corporate vision.
The sum of each myopic rod and cone,
Siphoning a pixel, feeding a mosaic.

Remember –

Your first act of faith

is believing what you see.


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