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Mo Ditties

United Airways Napkin Ditty

White blister build and bubble-sud sear
Islands adrift on the sea
Drop cookies spread
On a lead-crystal bed
Flat on the wrap of invisible air;
Oh, see below
As lake Ontario
Floods the sky
With a backward rain

Pneuma Soup:
The clouds
clip, clip, climb
In minute hand time.

He steals a peek
Through a hole in the wall
we call the sun.

The Code:
A seed is power
Spewing tower
Stink, or weed,
or common flower.

Willows are waterfalls in the round,
Pines are pinnacles pouring down.
Rocks are quadriplegic deaf-mutes, heavy with praise.


Cricket and cicada calling
A walling falling on dawn --
Black-audio, rainbow snow
Falling like a blizzard in my ear.

The trees of the Lord
fall upward, into predestined form
They tumble in the freedom
of the open-wind and warm,
But even molecules of oak
when they reach
into the liberty of air,
they dare not reach like elm.

Arkansas :

The trees are thick and stiff
Like hair on a hot brown hound -
And we be fleas between the shafts.

“Author” ( from the on-the-napkin” series):

He made the plankton
Polly-dust of sea;
But we killed
the author of life.


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