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The Iris Chandelier


hold within Your ancient eye  - A cityscape
of cut-glass barnacle,
decked in gems and grapes.
(and the grime of the ages):
A kaleidoscope of cornea
A catalog of lens,
A cornucopia of fiber-optic cable
From every man and beast.
(the circled-sun goes round about and splinters through each glass)
And though our eyes
be dim, or dust, or dead
Or cut from our heads, even floating in formaldehyde
like bloated raisins.
Someday you will
dust the whole thing off
blow the cobwebs from our sockets
And every eye now choked
in cataract or death
(Be it on the Earth, or under)
Will blink with sight into the blazing glory of
the SON
And every tongue
now numb with filth
or feeble in your praise,
And every knee now stiff
with aging
or resistance
Will see,
testify, and bend
At the name of Jesus,
to glory of God
the Father.

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