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Molecule to Mania

Materialist mistake that which limits life for life itself – Leo Tolstoy

Note: This next poem is really a song with a tune. (It “came” to me it while working a second night job, in which I experienced that creative “high” that results from sleep deprivation.) It starts like a Gregorian chant and then loosens up and weaves between drunk-punk and the sound of Pewee Herman on speed. Instrumentation calls for sitars and rain sticks, drills and gongs, and the periodic sound of a hand grenade. It is much better sung, but then you would have to pay me a great deal to do it.

In the beginning

was …..

a bI N K.

A band of heated ink

A dark dot in the dark

A bullet in the heart

Of nada.


In the beginning was a point

An un-appointed point

A point without any


A point without any light

For the point was very fast,

And the point was very tight

In the weight of its monolithic allness.




But then

That which had ever been

Or that that was

Just then, suddenly grew in



Hence, it exploded.


Bang ....


It sang
It rang, it ran
Like light poured through a fan
Zoooooooooooooming into the cosmos, even
As it was, and caused it.

In time, In time

The stars began to shine
Shimmer, shake, and roll;
Mutate and twine,
climb the periodic table.

And now

After billion and billions of boofs
What bounty that starlight has wrought

Andromeda to Madonna

Stellar ash to sequin
Primordial soup to Campbell’s
Molecule to Mandolin.


The stars, the stars
Are shining on TV
And they and we and the screen and the sea
Everything is stellar, everything divine
Everything machine, everything sublime.

Oh --

Pirouette, pantomime

Panty hose and silly rhyme …

All stuffed in that one darn speck


Hell – Bliss

Dynamite and diapers

Diaphragms and holsters

Dungarees and dingoes

Calvin and Hawking,

Einstein and Edsel

Mother T. and Mr.

Genocide and monsters

Karl Marx and stalkers,

Pit bulls, and pythons

Monty and mushrooms

Jesus, and generals

Auschwitz and sneakers, creepers and reapers,

This poem and Jeepers!

HAA Ha ha ha ha

All stuffed in that one darn speck. Oh …

Cars and stars and bars and Mars and toys and boys and 

Bills and pills and stores and bores and spores and whores and smores and chores … And wars

All stuffed in that one poor speck



Carl, Carl - Can you say again, what it is I really am? 

I am star – I am spam, I am chaos come afar (Shouted) 

Oh The chaos is all that ever is--or was—or will be!


The cosmos come aware has taken on a flair for casting life like fire from itself! 

Oh look, the sun –"Hi dad,"Want to hear a sunny song? 

Sunnshine on our shoulder Makes us happy …Sunshine on our … 
Oh Dear. All full of light, but you can’t hear … 
Ohhhh.I am reason rendered from the nonI am ticking like a bomb.

All is one and One is all,I’m beginning to fade into it --I’m beginning to wash into it I am .. 
I’m beginning to loose it 


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