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Vertical Baby (Plus)

Vertical Baby -- (a Lullaby with tune for the colicky kid.)

I am the vertical baby,

Don’t you ever lay me down.

On the ground is sore vexation,

Held upright is pure elation …

Oh, Daddy, Daddy if you please

bounce me on your horsey knees

I don’t ever want to sleep;

Stay with me all through the night

And lift me like a gentle kite.

NO -- I am not some asphalt

That I should be put down,

I am the Vertical Baby !

So rock me ever standing, or "tock" me

like a metronome.

Tyrannosaurus 2

That mouth

Would gulf the city if it could  -


Nothing is too sacred or too saline

For that tongue


A rock, a sock,

A block, a cigarette butt,

Or little fingers --

wet with molten honey.


Peace, Happiness, and love...

(Guest Artist appearance by Kayla Jordan - then 10)

It all started on June 10th 1990. A little girl had been born that day. Two parents stood over her smiling happily. This was their first child. They named her Kayla. How do I know: Because I was that little girl. Slowly but surely I became a toddler. The world became more exciting and new. I could go more places and see way more. Just the same I missed the old world I had been in. It was a place I couldn't mess up. I was always happy. Now I never could have a chance to go back to that wonderful place, it was only like a happy dream. 

Life continued on. Several things happened. First of all, a new person was coming into the family. I knew something was going to happen because my parents acted weird. They talked to me about a strange person I had never seen. They said she would be someone very important to me. I thought they were reading the future. Later I did see a very strange person. I liked the person. The object or animal made weird noises and my parents seemed to treasure this creature more than me. My second world zoomed away as quickly as my first. Soon I developed a love for my sister. I understood her more and she was getting to be an exolent playmate. I remember one time when we climbed though our cupboard. We clanged lids together and pretended we were playing instruments. Even though I had such fun here my happiness would soon end. We moved to a strange place called Fort Smith, Arkansas. I would start something I never imagine then. I was going to start school

My world changed once again. Before school ever started now I had a new sister named Anna. This time I was not confused at all by her birth. I knew she was a human. When I saw her I knew only joy, peace, happiness, and love….

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