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That Kiss


(A poem to the wifee)

That Kiss could liberate some thunder-
add another number to the wonders of the world.
That kiss could wake a sleeping bear
or bare a sleeping wake(?)

That kiss could soften hearts of granite
or ...
populate a planet.

That kiss could tear titanium
that kiss could juvenate my cranium

That Kiss will make the great wall fall
That kiss will echo down the halls – of history
That Kiss would make the Amish fight
That Kiss would stir a starry night
That kiss would tickle Van Gough's ear
That kiss was better than two beers – ice cold,
after mowing the grass on a hot August day.

That Kiss would make ol’ Rodin think;
“Hey I could use another couple for that statue.”
That kiss could make a hula hoop
That kiss could cure the world of crupe

That kiss could make a grown man try--
teach old-dogs tricks or pigs to fly
That kiss forgot the Alamo
That kiss would make a short man grow

That kiss could elevate my status
That kiss could take us to the stratus
That Kiss could resurrect my thirst
That kiss exceeded liver wurst

That kiss was warm and chase and pure
That kiss was holy and demure
that Kiss was truly undefiled,
tender, moist, and somewhat wild.

That kiss could liberate Tibet
That kiss,
My Dear, was heaven sent.


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