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Living in the “enth” dimension 2/02

This somewhat peculiar poem was launched by the suggestion that there are multiple dimensions-- maybe hundreds -- beyond the three or four that we are somewhat able to grasp.

In the first dimension
ten trillion angels dance
on the head of a pin, that is itself
one of a ten-trillion pins
stuck in the eye
of a child that lied.

In the second “D”
two trillion devils with beautiful legs
try a can-can-dance.
Only problem:
Their eyes are stacked on their feet,
and they can’t lift their toes from the ground.

In the third “D”
I am tall enough to see
in 2-D,
but not quick enough
to see, anything at all.

In the fourth “D” everything is popping –
yanked apart with time,
and I find
that where before
Many things might occupy the very same location,
or that I could be
young and old at once,
I must now experience my life in this rigid sequence
And I can no longer drive my car into walls
and have it not matter.

In the 5th Dimension
everyone is singing in the 60’s.

In the 6th D
I am able to hear notes that exist in time like a dot
but have them appear in my head
as if the past were true and still here.

In the 6.2 Dimension
the little silk worms that dangle in my headlights
as I drive down our drive by dawn
grow up and convict me
of worm slaughter.

In the seventh “D”
The devil is a liar and a jerk,
He jerks my chain with
wanton ads of wanton women that I want
to exist in my eyes without
the little censor bars or blur spots,
and I wonder why I am so stupid
that I can not seem to click off a laundromat TV.

I know that know one will be angry (no one else was there.)
I know that Howard Stern is a maggot
I know, that even though I could not see
any little cameras, watching to see what I was watching
GOD was watching
I know that I am called
to hunger better,
after righteousness.

In the love Dimension
Jesus is a bloody mess, stapled to a tree,
Before time.

In the 8th I find the blood of God
is like a living sea all filled with fish,
and I am a friend of corpuscles.

In the 9th D
Satan is a 2-D doll, flatter than a Stan.
Jesus wads him up and throws him in the fire.

In the “enth” dimension
my eyes and heart and His
are never far apart, and I look across the world
without shame.




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