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Terra Bite

You’re like some great dead planet
Scarred by rifts, ruts and cracks, from all the mighty collisions
And knives in your back, still there’s ambrosia on you surface
And manna for the hungry, food for the beggar
the poor for your money…
There is argon and neon and fire in your hair.
Your blood is methane and ammonia
Your soul is tumult and despair
Still you will be brilliant, You will be brilliant
A reflection of the sun above
You will be brilliant, you will be brilliant,
Predestined for the sweet work of love

(Lyrics to one of the top ten songs in the history of the Universe; Sweet Work of Love – Terry Taylor

Terra Bite

They say

the Titan woman sleeps 
albeit nervous
nearing dawn,
And all little valleys hunker up
lest she roll
and crush them in her pleat.
But, when
TERRA towers up
to meet her Lord
Her skirt
of tarnished sequin
alluvial across the plain 
(or draped across curvaceous mountains,
covered in the sediment of centuries)
Will rush up vertigo upon her rising form,
and all the little people, in their little cars
and factories
and nations
will fall into space
like old dry


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