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Note: This note reads absolutely corny and is fully embarrassing… which is just the way young love is supposed to sound. I wrote it to my Kerry about five months before our engagement; The inspiration—our nightly walks around the block. In fact, I first knew she would be my wife while on a small-group backpacking trip just a month before. We walked up the trail alone and at night with a huge full moon spread out over a high mountain vista in Rocky Mountain National Park. Some million stars, and a sounding stream, and the distant bugling elk joined us as we joined to pray for God’s hand in our future.

Oct 16, 1988 Sunday 6A.M.

My Dearling Kerry,
How is it that you wear the pearl of night so well? You have, already in our short but saturated weeks, worn the wash of a dozen nights in ways that astonish my senses. Indeed, I think he made the moon and your hair to exist in a somewhat symbiotic relationship. Both thrive off of one another.
Kerry, I love your eyes by night. I think he made the stars, or even the bright city bounce, for them. You catch and blend this light so well and shine it back and me in a soft warm silver glow.
I love you so.


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