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These Eyes

   11/86* - 12/01

I by inner eye
would be the eye and ear of any man,
and many things.
I can put my self ever so lightly in the shoes of other folk,
and with imagination feel their pleasure or their pain.
For every talking head … for every beauty queen staring at us from the
cover…. For every broken over bag lady … a world.
And Lord, though I would for fun, or fear, or profit
consider this world through many different eyes
There is one set that I,
and we will not ascend to.
(nor descend into their pain)

These are the eyes
that look into the holy eye of God and never flinch.
These are the eyes that look
into the living eye of God,
and are a self-seen eye.
Indeed, These are the eyes
that, having feasted on all glory
and all art,
Consent to being pounded down
in time and space until
we find the eye of God
looking at us
like a Beta in a bowl
(And a cruel bowl at that.)

These are the eyes of heaven
Forgiving, even as they
see the hyssop raised.
And, Lo:

These are the eyes
I long to see.
even as he holds me in them.


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