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Welcome to the Wonder World.

Welcome to the wacked-out wonder-world of photographer and sometimes poet, Kirk Jordan.  

Kirk writes ...  You wonder what you just read.

This site is not so much a blog, as it is a “CROP” – a Creative Repository of O-stonishing poems. 

In short, this site consists of three to five books, which in turn are comprised of poems,  journal entries, and assorted ramblings.  

Book One: To the Titan Women:  Poems to and about the significant  women in my Life.  2001 or so. 

Book Two: Bones in My Soul: the Best of Kirkwood Jo.  Pretty much everything I ever wrote between 1972 and 2003, excluding the stuff from the breakaway "Titan Women."   Look for themes surrounding sex, death 'n time --  eyeballs and the Incarnation.  

Book Two-point-five.   Post Bones and B-sides. (Some extra stuff that either followed, or did not fit in my original three ring "Bone" binder, including some creative collisions of photography and verse.  

Book Three:  Sin.   A book in the Works.  2004- 

Book fourish.... Assorted essays, and the remnant of a book about Origins,  that fell apart and may yet breath again.

As is, I have not written a significant poem in years. I keep thinking that that is about to change. A monster of a poem is boiling inside right now. One of these days the stars will align, the sea will boil over, and all that creative astonishment is going to pour out in a new big-bang of explosive force. Until then, enjoy the remnants of the storm.


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